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2019-'20 Annual Report


As we all continue to navigate the uncertainty created by a once-in-a- century pandemic, we send our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones for good health and safety. We also send our deepest thanks. During the disruptions of the past few months, we are especially grateful for your continued loyalty and generosity as Alumni Association members and donors.

Although our work since the spring has evolved to meet unexpected challenges, the Association remains dedicated to its mission to build lifelong relationships that strengthen the University of Kansas and the legacy of excellence embodied by its students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends.

As you will see in the following pages, we made much progress on key strategic initiatives before the sudden disruption of activity in mid-March. We’re especially proud of the redesigned Kansas Alumni quarterly print edition, complemented by an expanded digital presence at, featuring timely content from the Association and University partners. The website is avail- able to all visitors as a central resource for the best stories from KU—and the latest KU communications related to the pandemic. We will continue to enhance the magazine’s digital presence while also refining our revamped print editions, carrying on the award-winning tradition and trusted voice of Kansas Alumni.

We’re also pleased to continue the growth of our Student Alumni Network, our Jayhawk Career Network and our legacy relations student recruitment program.

These advances occurred despite the upheaval of the spring that suspended all membership and fundraising solicitations and canceled our largest fundraising event of the year, the Rock Chalk Ball; all events in the Adams Alumni Center; alumni network events throughout the state and nation; and the Flying Jayhawks alumni travel program.

While we coped with these losses of revenue and the absence of the traditional in-person connections that all Jayhawks cherish, we also invested in new initiatives that continue the Association’s vital work through increased digital resources and opportunities. These include:

KU Connection: This new digital hub delivers the best content and events from the University of Kansas and our global alumni base.

Jayhawk Career Network Webinar Series: Professional development and continuing education programs, offered through a consortium of alumni organizations, provide resources for Jayhawks to connect with industry leaders.

KU Mentoring “Bridges” Pilot Program: As one of 40 pilot partners with PeopleGrove, the provider of the Jayhawk Career Network’s KU Mentoring digital platform, we connect students with short-term, project-based opportunities sourced by alumni and career partners. These projects will provide valuable real-world experiences for students and young alumni to help build their résumés.

Jayhawk Business Directory: To help support businesses owned, operated or managed by KU alumni, the Association has created a searchable online directory of companies in a wide variety of industries nationwide. Association members can easily list their companies at no charge.
We also have responded to another challenge: our national reckoning regarding systemic racism and injustice. The Association created a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to ensure representation, communication and meaningful action that will help strengthen the KU community. We will collaborate with the Black Alumni Network and the University on these vital initiatives.

Of course, our advances and vital investments in new initiatives would not be possible without you, our Association members and Presidents Club donors, as well as our corporate partners. For a complete list of Presidents Club donors during fiscal year 2020, please visit

We take great pride in the Association’s role as a trusted, strategic partner in advancing the mission of the University of Kansas by uniting a global network of Jayhawks and increasing the value of KU degrees. We are confident that both the University and the Alumni Association will emerge from the current crisis even stronger than before.

Rock Chalk,

Kansas Alumni Redesign and Website

The magazine and digital media teams completed the launch of the expanded website, and the completely revamped quarterly print edition of the Association’s prized periodical, founded in 1902 as The Graduate Magazine, the 13th longest-running alumni magazine in the nation.

Presidents Club

554 Presidents Club members donated annual gifts of $1,000 or more. 82% retention. Since 2007, donor support at all levels has enabled the Association to dramatically expand its programs and events. Thank you!

Legacy Relations

In 2012, the Association dedicated a staff position to the recruitment of students from KU families—in collaboration with KU Admissions.

As a result, legacy enrollment has grown from 15.8% to 25% of undergraduates since 2012.

Digital Media

1,802 broadcast emails sent to 6,175,970 total recipients

41,464 downloaded the mobile Alumni app

App engagement metrics:
9,234 total users
1,381 repeat users
2 min 44 sec average time each use
61,781 sessions

Social Media

Jayhawk Career Network

KU Mentoring now includes nearly 7,000 total users, including 2,300 students
61 career partners
more than 10,000 messages sent since fall 2018
94% satisfaction rate among users
The Water Cooler monthly digital newsletter has gained 4,255 subscribers
34% open rate

Jayhawk Career Network

The Student Alumni Network grew to over 6,800, now the largest student group on campus and the largest student alumni group in the Big 12.

Membership is 8 times larger than in 2016.

Partnered with more than 40 campus offices and student organizations.

Jayhawk Career Network

As of June 30, 2020:

41,843 TOTAL Members
22,378 Life Members
8,109 Annual
2,191 Premium Annual
1,975 Recent Grad Gift memberships
298 Monthly Subscription
6,892 Student Alumni Network

Alumni Records staff members made more than 90,500 records updates made in FY20.

254,961 Total Degreed Alumni

472,818 Total Constituent Database (including donors and friends)

Strategic Plan

Based on the Association’s progress toward strategic goals in fiscal year 2020, the Association’s national Board of Directors adapted and approved the following goals to guide the organization’s work in fiscal year 2021:

COVID-19 Impact

While this annual report provides highlights of the recently concluded fiscal year, it is important to note that the true financial impact of COVID-19 will most likely occur in fiscal year 2021.

The collective impact of lost operating revenue, significant uncertainty regarding the duration of the pandemic, and the longer-term strain on key revenue streams has challenged us to take multiple steps to manage financial risk while also making strategic investments to remain a vibrant Alumni Association. Our national Board of Directors met recently to approve an FY21 budget deficit of $100,000. This includes a total operating budget reduction of just over 20% compared to FY20. We have taken the following steps to mitigate the negative financial impact:

  • Instituted hiring and salary freezes
  • Created maximum flexibility within 403b plan, including reducing employer match by 50%, with option to completely forgo match if necessary
  • President and Executive VP/CFO took 10% salary reductions beginning May 4 for minimum of six months
  • We have planned for 25% and 30% budget reductions if necessary

We thank our 2019-’20 event and program sponsors as well as our print and digital advertisers. Their marketing investments help the Association serve students and alumni through communications and activities that strengthen the Jayhawk network. 

  • Andrew Wymore, Realtor
  • Anheuser Busch
  • Best Western Plus West Lawrence
  • Bigg’s Grill & Bar
  • Charlie Hustle Clothing Co.
  • Church Hill Classics
  • Collegiate Canines
  • Crown Toyota, Volkswagen
  • Dimensional Innovations
  • Drone Lawrence
  • Everspring
  • Fasone Partners
  • Friesen & Associates
  • G3 Marketing
  • Helix Architecture + Design
  • Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City
  • Hot Box Cookies
  • Hy-Vee
  • INTRUST Bank
  • Jayhawk Sports Properties
  • Jeff Jacobsen, Photographer
  • Jefferson’s Restaurant
  • JNA Advertising
  • Josten’s
  • Kansas Athletics
  • Kansas Lottery
  • Kansas Public Radio
  • KU Admissions
  • KU Bookstore
  • KU Endowment
  • KU Libraries
  • KU Memorial Union
  • KU School of Business – Online MBA
  • KU School of Education and Human Sciences Online Programs
  • Lawrence Country Club
  • McAlister’s Deli
  • McCownGordon Construction
  • Megh Knappenberger
  • Merchants Pub & Plate
  • Murfin Drilling Company
  • Nationwide
  • Papa Keno’s Pizzeria
  • Pop-A-Shot
  • Pro Camps
  • Robert Day, Author
  • Salty Iguana Mexican
  • Restaurant
  • Security 1st Title
  • Signal Theory
  • SPM Marketing
  • The Alumni Insurance Program
  • The University of Kansas
  • Health System
  • The University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Thomas Howe, Realtor
  • Thomas P. Gohagan & Company
  • Truity Credit Union
  • University National Bank
  • Williams Education Fund
  • Zipchair

President’s Club 2019-’20 Members


Richard A. Billings
Craig L. Burns
Carolyn P. Coulson
Kristen Garlinghouse
William R. Hagman Jr.
Michael J. Happe
Helen B. Healy
David R. Hoese
Monte C. Johnson
Michael D. Lafferty

Judy Howard Billings
Lorry L. Burns
Frederick N. Coulson III
Brad K. Garlinghouse
Dorothy F. Hagman
Shannon M. Fitzsimmons-Happe
Edward J. Healy
Joan Brady Hoese
Kay Rathbone Johnson
Margaret L. Lafferty

Kent C. McCarthy
Nancy L. Miles
David L. Murfin
Gary W. Padgett
Cindy Emig Penzler, MD
A. Scott Ritchie
Linda Ellis Sims
John T. Stewart III
Kala Mays Stroup, PhD
Adam J. Wray

Mary Hodge McCarthy
John D. Miles
Janet Lust Murfin
Sue Summerville Padgett
Craig A Penzler
Carol L. Ritchie
Russ Sims
Linda Bliss Steward

Amanda Strowth Wray

Richard A. Billings
Judy Howard Billings
Craig L. Burns
Lorry L. Burns
Carolyn P. Coulson
Frederick N. Coulson III
Kristen Garlinghouse
Brad K. Garlinghouse
William R. Hagman Jr.
Dorothy F. Hagman
Michael J. Happe
Shannon M. Fitzsimmons-Happe
Helen B. Healy
Edward J. Healy
David R. Hoese
Joan Brady Hoese
Monte C. Johnson
Kay Rathbone Johnson
Michael D. Lafferty
Margaret L. Lafferty
Kent C. McCarthy
Mary Hodge McCarthy
Nancy L. Miles
John D. Miles
David L. Murfin
Janet Lusk Murfin
Gary W. Padgett
Sue Summerville Padgett
Cindy Emig Penzler, MD
Craig A. Penzler
A. Scott Ritchie
Carol L. Ritchie
Linda Ellis Sims
Russ Sims
John T. Stewart III
Linda Bliss Stewart
Kala Mays Stroup, PhD  
Adam J. Wray
Amanda Stroth Wray

$5,000 – $9,999

John W. Ballard III
James E. Bredfeldt, MD
Marc A. Buehler
F. Taylor Burch, PharmD
Kevin E. Carroll
William R. Docking
David C. Graves
Michael H. Heitmann
Jay A. Kerutis
Amy K. Ogden

Cynthia S. Ballard

Lisa Howell Burch
Lisa M. Carroll
Judy O. Docking
Linda E. Graves
Susan Mary Heitmann
Pat Caldwell
Dane Ogden

Carolyn Rhoades Powers, MD
Douglas A. Regnier
Clint M. Rogers
Albert I. Shank Jr.
Becky Nettels Sloan
Todd L. Sutherland
Robert R. Sweatt III
Thomas E. Vaughn
Mary F. Ventura, EdD
Kurt D. Watson

Benjamin C. Powers, MD
Denise Aduddell Regnier
Dimity Rogers
Lynde Kerr
Steve W. Sloan
Laura B. Sutherland
Amy D. Sweatt
Corliss Vaughn
Randy L. Sedlacek
Sue Watson

John W. Ballard III
Cynthia S. Ballard
James E. Bredfeldt, MD  
Marc A. Buehler  
F. Taylor Burch, PharmD
Lisa Howell Burch
Kevin E. Carroll
Lisa M. Carroll
William R. Docking
Judy O. Docking
David C. Graves
Linda E. Graves
Michael H. Heitmann
Susan Mary Heitmann
Jay A. Kerutis
Pat Caldwell
Amy K. Ogden
Dane Ogden
Carolyn Rhoades Powers, MD
Benjamin C. Powers, MD
Douglas A. Regnier
Denise Aduddell Regnier
Clint M. Rogers
Dimity Rogers
Albert I. Shank Jr.
Lynde Kerr
Becky Nettels Sloan
Steve W. Sloan
Todd L. Sutherland
Laura B. Sutherland
Robert R. Sweatt III
Amy D. Sweatt
Thomas E. Vaughn
Corliss Vaughn
Mary F. Ventura, EdD
Randy L. Sedlacek
Kurt D. Watson
Sue Watson

$3,000 – $4,999

Andrew D. Adams
Paul W. Barrett
Barbara A. Becker
Catherine R. Bell
Lyle Billips
Ellen S. Bolen
Molly Simons Brinkman
Joseph C. Courtright
Marci K. Deuth
Ray D. Evans
Martha J. Fee
Charles A. Garney
Keturah Harding
Zachary D. Holland
William W. Jeter
Terry A. Johnson
Brad G. Korell
Kurt A. Level
Mazie Johnson Long

Michelle I. Passo
Erin Eppinger Barrett

Joseph N. Sterner

Dan P. Bolen
Aaron R. Brinkman

Sarah A. Evans

Patricia Ann Garney
Brad Pohl, DMD
Melissa L. Holland
Nancy Jeter
Del Johnson
Justin McNulty
Elaine D. Level

Dorothy Wohlgemuth Lynch
James E. Meyer
D. Michael Nelson
Glenn E. Nyberg
Lindsay Olsen
Heath Peterson
David B. Pittaway
Connie Estes Puett
Ellen O. Remsing, DDS
Rick R. Renfro
Allyn W. Risley
Michael E. Rockers
Virginia Child Shackelford
Jerry D. Skillett
Kyle D. Vann
Paul Wise
Walter C. Womack
Andrew T. Wymore

Karen Gill Meyer

Camille Bribiesca Nyberg

Carrie Robertson Peterson, DDS
Jeannine DuFresne Pittaway

James Moore
Nancy Samuels Renfro
Jill Bogan Risley
Nancy J. Rockers
William H. Shackelford III
Leonor Skillett
Barbara A. Vann
Donna S. Wise
Sheri Seibert Womack
Lauren Lynn Wymore

Andrew D. Adams
Michelle I. Passo
Paul W. Barrett
Erin Eppinger Barrett
Barbara A. Becker  
Catherine R. Bell
Joseph N. Sterner
Lyle Billips  
Ellen S. Bolen
Dan P. Bolen
Molly Simons Brinkman
Aaron R. Brinkman
Joseph C. Courtright  
Marci K. Deuth  
Ray D. Evans
Sarah A. Evans
Martha J. Fee  
Charles A. Garney
Patricia Ann Garney
Keturah Harding
Brad Pohl, DMD
Zachary D. Holland
Melissa L. Holland
William W. Jeter
Nancy Jeter
Terry A. Johnson
Del Johnson
Brad G. Korell
Justin McNulty
Kurt A. Level
Elaine D. Level
Mazie Johnson Long
Dorothy Wohlgemuth Lynch  
James E. Meyer
Karen Gill Meyer
D. Michael Nelson  
Glenn E. Nyberg
Camille Bribiesca Nyberg
Lindsay Olsen  
Heath Peterson
Carrie Robertson Peterson, DDS
David B. Pittaway
Jeannine DuFresne Pittaway
Connie Estes Puett  
Ellen O. Remsing, DDS
James Moore
Rick R. Renfro
Nancy Samuels Renfro
Allyn W. Risley
Jill Bogan Risley
Michael E. Rockers
Nancy J. Rockers
Virginia Child Shackelford
William H. Shackelford III
Jerry D. Skillett
Leonor Skillett
Kyle D. Vann
Barbara A. Vann
Paul Wise
Donna S. Wise
Walter C. Womack
Sheri Seibert Womack
Andrew T. Wymore
Lauren Lynn Wymore

President’s Club
$1,000 – $2,999

The Hon. Bryce A. Abbott
Jana Deines Abbott
Travis O. Abicht, MD
Elise A. Abicht, MD
Heather E. Abrahamson
Timothy E. Abrahamson
Ray E. Allen, MD
Nancy Smith Allen
Dana K. Anderson
Sue Anderson
Steven C. Anderson  
Christopher M. Andrews
Julie Garney Andrews
Sue Anschutz-Rodgers  
John P. Atkinson, MD
Andrea J. Atkinson
Kenneth L. Audus, PhD
Cheryl A. Audus
Gail Davenport Austin
Danforth W.Austin
John W. Ballard IV
Betsy L. Spratlin
Tracy Ashlock Barton  
Bernard H. Becker
Barbara Boeh Becker
Lydia I. Beebe
Charles E. Doyle
Cindy K. Bell  
Gerald R. Bell  
Bob Benz
Janet B. Benz
James E. Berkley
Vicki A. Berkley
Craig M. Berkley  
Jeff A. Berkley
Denise Getter Berkley
Beverly A. Smith Billings  
James A. Billings  
Greg Billips  
Anne H. Blessing
William R. Blessing
Julie Collingwood Blumenthal Michael L. Blumenthal
Wayne J. Boeckman
Patricia A. Boeckman
Richard L. Bond
Suzanne Sedgwick Bond
Susan Hoffman Booker
Jason B. Booker
Craig Boomhower  
Mark L. Borden
Lonna Borden
Al Boulware
Sasha Flores Boulware
John P. Bowman
Katie-Pat Bowman
Robert A. Boyd, MD
Shirley Anne Boyd
Donald R. Brada Sr., MD
Carolyn Cromb Brada
William F. Bradley Jr.
Roberta Harding
Timothy E. Brandt
Debra A. Brandt
Jack H. Brier  
Jeffrey P. Briley
Jean Fisher Briley
James P. Brown
Christian Weld-Brown
Laurence R. Brown  
Kindra Estes Browne
Kevin M. Browne
John C. Bumgarner Jr.
Mary Ann Bumgarner
Cynthia Brown Burgess
James L. Burgess
Vincent G. Burke
Valerie Howard Burke
John E. Butler, PhD  
Robert S. Butler
Carol R. Butler
Timothy R. Calvert
Melodi Wolf Calvert
Roger W. Cameron, DO
Lauren S. Cameron
Debra Elmore Campbell
Wesley E. Campbell
David M. Carr
Colette L. Kocour
Paul L. Carttar
Mary Frances Ellis
Andres E. Carvallo
Angela D. Carvallo
Ruth M. Cathcart-Rake
William F. Cathcart-Rake, MD
Almario V. Chalmers  
LaRisa R. Chambers  
Ellen C. Chindamo  
Michael J. Chun, PhD
Bina M. Chun
Jessica Butler Clark
Dr. Charlie Clark
William M. Clem
Debra Potash Clem
Donald H. Close, PhD
Robbin S. Close
Howard E. Cohen
Debra L. Cohen
Paul E. Cohen
Erica Wells Cohen
Ryan T. Colaianni
Erinn Schaiberger Colaianni
Susan L. Coleman
Roy Coleman
Glen Collins  
Michael Colvin  
Molly B. Colvin
Kent Colvin
Hannes Dear Combest
Michael Lee Combest
Joshua B. Connell
Wendy G. Connell
John P. Connolly
Stephen S. Maceli
Robert A. Cooksey
Mary Lee Cooksey
Barry R. Cooper, MD
Suzanne Taschetta Cooper
Jill M. Corbett
Kevin J. Corbett
Warren Corman
Mary Corman
William H. Coughlin
Jill J. Coughlin
Charles R. Cram
Sandra R. Cram
Scott W. Crawford  
The Hon. Rebecca A. Crotty Charles R. Bonebrake, MD
Daniel J. Cummings
Jill Cummings
Cathy L. Daicoff  
Christopher S.R. Dakhil, MD Charese Donovan Dakhil, MD
Patricia W. Daniels, MD
Bradley A. Daniels
Mackenzie N. Daniels  
Jerry J. Darnaby
Bobbi A. Cole
Robert M. Daugherty Jr., MD, PhD  
D. Jerome Davies Melanie K. Davies
Jill Deramus Dean
Marshall H. Dean Jr.
Jane M. DeBaun  
G. Michael Denning, USMC, Retired
Karen Abram Denning
Kent A. Deutsch
Michele Deutsch
Sarah N. DeVries
Mark C. DeVries
T. S. Dibble
Alice M. Dibble
John B. Dicus
Brenda Roskens Dicus
Steve M. Dillard
Gena Gunn Dillard
Steven J. Dillman
Kelly K. Dillman
Christopher W. Dillman
Melanie M. Dillman
Jefferson D. Dillon
Tracy M. Dillon
Dee Ehling Dillon
David B. Dillon
Jill S. Docking  
Mark A. Domitrovich  
Gregory L. Dove  
Robert L. Driscoll Marilyn Rockwell Driscoll
John N. Drowatzky, EdD  
Barton L. Duckworth
Debra Dennis Duckworth
Larry L. Dunlap
Cathy N. Dunlap
Janet Haverty Dusch
Jeffery A. Dusch
Archie R. Dykes, EdD
Nancy Haun Dykes
Eric S. Edell, MD
Rosemary Edell
Terry Beach Edwards
R. A. Edwards
Mary F. Eggleston
Dale K. Eggleston, DDS
Gregory E. Ek
Debra M. Ek
Kenneth J. Eland
Jessica Eland
Justin D. Elkouri
Mica Elkouri
John R. Elmore
Rosemary R. Elmore
Sandy Emery  
Ronald F. Fahey, PhD
Amy Finch, PhD
Brenda K. Farha  
Robert J. Farha
Rebecca Cleavinger Farha
Allen K. Fee
Kristen A. Fee
Lynn R. Fisher, MD  
Scott H. Fiss
Amy Sailer Fiss
Mark S. Fixley, MD
Robyn L. Birdwell
BG Michael C. Flowers, USA, Retired
Lesia Tyo
Scott R. Flucke
Dawn Stanton Flucke
Monica N. Foltz
Daniel A. Foltz
Clinton R. Foulk, PhD
Dorothy Foulk
Charles L. Frickey
Diane Paris Frickey
Connie J. Friesen  
Douglas A. Friesen, MD  
Michelle Cozad Fritsch
Paul B. Fritsch
Cindy L. Fritzel
Tim B. Fritzel
Stephanie Wiebe Gallina  
Bob A. Garcia
Yvonne Garcia
Monique Garcia  
Tara Tarwater Gatti
John M. Gatti, MD
Brian T. Gaudreau
Elizabeth A. Gaudreau
Bill Geiger
Cynthia Dickson Geiger
Ryan P. Gerstner
E. Kay Gerstner
Harry T. Gibson
Becky G. Gibson
Patrick R. Gideon  
Douglas A. Girod, MD
Susan K. Girod
Jeffrey P. Goble
Sharon R. Goble
Cecilia Romero Godwin
Andrew K. Godwin, PhD
Kirk J. Goza
Shirley Edmonds Goza
Theodore T. Gradolf II
Barbara Truskett Gradolf
Brandon D. Graham
Andrea Graham
Brett W. Gray
Courtney Lawrence Gray
William S. Green
Beth A. Bradshaw
Dennis Greenhaw
Patricia Greenhaw
Brian K. Greenlee
Celeste Migliazzo Greenlee
Lewis D. Gregory
Laura L. Gregory
Gary N. Griffiths
Sally Slade Griffiths
Connie D. Stuart Grimes
Ryan M. Grimes, MD
Mary P. Haddican  
Kirk R. Hagan
Kendall W. Hagan
Jacqueline M. Hall
Sterling G. Hall
Richard W. Hall
Ann A. Hall
Chris C. Haller, MD
Catherine Silva, MD
Bill Hanna  
Teresa L. Hanna  
Joe Hannah, DDS  
Carol Cooper Hansen
George E. Hansen III
Bailor L. Hardman, MD  
Teri Harris  
Christine Ness Hartley
Ross C. Hartley
Ingrid L. Hartman  
Sheri Welter Hauck
Steve D. Hauck
Alexandra Hoover
Hayes Jonathan J. Hayes
Charles E. Heath
Kathleen M. Heath
Charles L. Hedrick
Dorothy L. Hedrick
Steven J. Heeney
Cynthia M. Heeney
Mark E. Henrichs  
James A. Hiatt, MD  
Matthew F. Hickam
Stacey Cook Hickam
Hamilton H. Hill
Traci Hill
Ronald E. Hill, PE  
Chip Hilleary
Tiffany A. Hilleary
Ernest V. Hodge
Claire Burghardt Hodge
David K. Hodgson, MD
Melody Sue Hodgson
Marilyn H. Hoecker
Burdet W. Hoecker
Clyde E. Holiwell
Janis C. Holiwell
Danielle Lafferty
Hoover Darrick A. Hoover
Trava S. Hoover
Richard A. Hoover
Stephen K. Hopkins
Sarah Hopkins
Jay Howard
Julia R. Howard
Shirley Rice Howard  
Chris A. Howell
Brooke A. Howell
Charles A. Hughes
Susan J. Hughes
Donald L. Hunt  
Steven B. Hurt
MaryJane J. Hurt
Colleen R. Jamison
Alonzo Jamison
Patricia A. Jarrell  
Jerry J. Jennett
Kay M. Jennett
A. Drue Jennings
Emily A. Jennings
Cheryl Campbell Jeter
Joseph W. Jeter
Kenneth W. Johnson
Amy Johnson
Annette S. Johnson
David L. Johnson
Jacquelyn K. Johnson
Bryan Johnson
James H. Johnson
Tami Pabst Johnson
Jeffrey A. Johnson
Dawn Boyett Johnson
Larry D. Johnson
Peggy Jennings Johnson
Donald A. Johnston
Alice Ann Dowell Johnston
Peter S. Johnston
Sara Peckham Johnston, MD
Nancy Schehrer Jones
Joe B. Jones
Thomas K. Jones
Patricia Lynn Jones
Paul M. Joslin, MD
Norah E. Brown-Joslin, MD
Gregory J. Kallos  
Vaun O. Kampschroeder
Sydnie B. Kampschroeder
Teresa Cosentino Karst, CPA Darren W. Karst, CPA
Mark D. Keeny
Amy Deterding Keeny
Charles W. Keller V
Carol I. Keller
Eric T. Keller
Pami S. Keller
Daniel T. Kelly
Janet Lee Kelly
Anthony G. Kempf
Teresa Mulinazzi Kempf
Jeff Kennedy
Patricia A. Gorham
Bruce Keplinger
Carol Keplinger
Sharon Lynch Kimbell  
Lynn H. Kindred, MD
Ann C. Kindred
Roy M. Knapp, DE
Judith Young Knapp
Ginger Dean Kollman
Chris L. Kollman
Orville G. Kolterman, MD
Gayle Lorenzi
Mike J. Kongs
Cindy Schreiner Kongs
Richard G. Kraemer
Marty M. Kraemer
Barbara Knecht Kreutzer
Robert L. Kreutzer
Courtney A. Krsnich
Peter J. Krsnich
Kristi Durkin Lacle
Pascual Lacle
Cory L. Lagerstrom
Julianne Leeland Lagerstrom
Jeffrey B. Lamb
Sophie A. Lamb
Nancy K. Lane  
Jodde Olsen Lanning  
Michael S. League
Anne L. League, MD
Lonnie H. Lee, DMV
Barbara Dove Lee
Charles W. Letcher
Nancy Letcher
Peter A. Levy
Alice Robinson Levy
Danny B. Lewis
Laura L. Lewis
Mark F. Lierz, MD
Susan M. Lierz
Shade K. Little Jr.
Bernadette Gray-Little, PhD
Derek B. Locke

Kerri L. Loepp
Herman A. Loepp
Allison Stroup Long
LTC Jeffrey L. Long
Byron C. Long
Martha Radke Long
Jeff Long
Fanny Long
Katherine Haughey Loo
Jim L. Raughton
Ashley R. Loomis, MD
J. Stephen Lucas
Debbie Luman
David Luman
Paul W. Mangan
Melissa Murfin Mangan
Deanna Marks
Robert D. Marshall
Judy Woods Marshall
Steven J. Martens
Vicki L. Martens
David R. Masoner
Carolyn  L. Masoner
Rhonda Rehorn Maun
Steven M. Maun
A. Ford Maurer
Christine Childress Maurer
Janis Newman McAninch
Jason C. McClasky
Kristin Patton McClasky
Rev. Robert McClean
Marilyn Degler McClean
Mary F. McCormick
Michael L. McCormick
Janet Martin McKinney
Kent S. McKinney
Carrie Wooten McLiney
Casey P. McLiney
Matt McPherron
Meredith McPherron
David P. Meagher Jr., MD, FACS, FAAP
Susan Rothwell
David L. Meall
Mark A. Mears
Stacy M. Mears
Bobb A. Meckenstock
Amy Lindenberg Melton
Matthew T. Melton, CPA
Earl D. Merkel, MD
Kathleen A. Merkel
William W. Merrill
Michele Merrill
M. D. Michaelis
Dee Peachee Michaelis
Matthew A. Michaelis
Nancy P. Michaelis
John F. Mies
Rena Mies
Susan Edwards Miller
Douglas C. Miller
Jill Simpson Miller
Reed D. Miller
John L. Miller
Stephanie K. Miller
Dr. Linda K. Miller
Regina M. Miller, PhD
Donald N. Miller, PhD
Nathan J. Millhouse
Yeny Millhouse
Belden F. Mills
Anna Wilson Mills
Laurie Kostel Minard
Jim Minard
Rosa M. Mitchell
Brian L. Mitchell
Melinda K. Mitchell
Randall S. Mitchell
Mollie A. Mitchell
John R. Wilson
John W. Mize
Karen Mize
Marsha Dixon Monica
Lawrence F. Montague
Barbara J. Montague
Allison Vance Moore
James M. Moore
Philip B. Moran
Vicki Moran
Zachary L. Morin
Sarah M. Morin
Susan A. Morris
Matthew R. Morrison, PharmD
Krista Brock Morrison, PharmD
Katherine Horner Morrison
Andy Morrison
Marvin R. Motley
Susan Nordin Motley
Kevin M. Moyer
Catherine Veach Moyer
Linda D. Mullens
Carolyn Coulson Naik
Manish Naik
Marilyn K. Nellis
Robert C. Nelson, PhD
Lois Adams Nelson
George E. Nettels Jr.
Jason R. Neugebauer
Jennifer Neugebauer
Kelsey Willing Nichols
Kevin E. Nichols
Laird G. Noller
Karleen Noller
Erick E. Nordling
Debbie L. Nordling
Michael A. Norseth
Leigh Pearce Nottberg
Tyler M. Nottberg
Roger A. Novak
D. Kay Novak
The Hon. Robert E. Nugent III
Linda D. Nugent
David O. Ochoa
Emily Jean Ochoa, MD
Maynard F. Oliverius
Sarah D. Oliverius
Chris M. Otto
Julie Ann McWilliams Otto
Melissa Rodgers Padgett
Brent R. Padgett
Bob Page
Shirley H. Weber
Krishnan Paranjothi
Adrienne Paranjothi
Lisa R. Parman
Dwight S. Parman
Diane S. Parrish
Steven C. Parrish
Robert P. Peebler
Susie Mastoris Peebler
Richard B. Peil
Tamara Peil
Stephen J. Pennington
Troy B. Percival
Tammy Mauck Peterman, RN, MS
Kenneth P. Peterman, RPh
Gary H. Petersen
Barbara L. Petersen
Brandon J. Petz
Bonnie Quick Petz
Larry Pfeiffer
Morgan Pfeiffer
Ryan L. Pfeiffer
Libby Hall Pfeiffer
William A. Pickert
Traci Gregory Pickert
Lori Anderson Piening
Mark Piening
Winifred S. Pinet
Brian C. White
April S. Pitcairn
Charles R. Pohl, OD
Judith Pluhar Pohl
John W. Pope
W. Bradley Poss, MD
Constance Ide Poss
Jarrell J. Priess
Timothy J. Pringle
Brigitte Lothholz Pringle
Rebecca Hurst Pruett
James M. Pruett
Richard E. Putnam
Robin Putnam
Rebecca Forst Ragan
Ronald E. Ragan, PhD
Stanley L. Rasmussen
Teresa Kramer Rasmussen
Mark R. Rasmussen, MD
Maureen McLeay Rasmussen
Virginia Harris Rayl
Brett A. Reberreenl
Scott P. Rehorn
Susan Beth Rehorn
Brian Reid
Brett A. Brenner
J. R. Reilly
Maggie Reilly
Cathy A. Reinhardt
Norman A. St. Laurent
Donald R. Reinhardt
Jon A. Reinhardt
Todd S. Reiser
Carissa L. Reiser
Juliana M. Reser, MD
Cynthia Reinhardt Rettig
Raymond K. Rettig
Nicole R. Rhine
Todd L. Rhine
Harold Burton Rice Jr.
Joan A. Rice
Kent A. Richardson
Susan K. Richardson
Douglas R. Richmond
James A. Riedy
Roger A. Rieger
E. Annette Rieger
Thomas H. Rinehart
Lisa Cave Ritchie
A. Scott Ritchie III
Dale L. Robertson
Christine R. Robertson
John H. Robinson Jr.
Kyle Simmons Robinson
Reginald L. Robinson
Jane McGarey Robinson, DNP
Connie Miner Rockers
Patrick N. Rockers
Douglas A. Rockers
Lori K. Rockers
Weston B. Rockers
Tyler C. Rockers
Jay P. Ruf
Lori Ruf
David B. Ruisch
Martha Larson Ryan
Marc R. Ryan
Lynne Slease Ryan
Stephen C. Ryan
Robert N. Sanner
Jennifer Jackson Sanner
James R. Sauer
Eileen M. Sauer
Kent P. Saylor
Donna C. Saylor
John P. Schamberger
Karen Graf Schamberger
Kenneth R. Schmidt III
Stephanie M. Schmidt, MD
Miles E. Schnaer
Paula G. Schnaer
Gregory D. Schnose, MD
Linda M. Schnose
Daniel L. Schriner
Sally A. Hare-Schriner
Lisa L. Schroeder, MD
Joel Schroeder, MD
Margaret M. Schwartz
Michael K. Seck
Sharon K. Mossman
Jody Bosch Sellers, PharmD
Rick L. Sellers
Robert J. Senecal, PhD
Evelyn J. Senecal, PhD
Dale Seuferling
Marianne Seuferling
Don A. Seufert
Jaimie Seufert
Scott R. Seyfarth
Eileen M. Seyfarth
Donna L. Shank
Stanley P. Sharp, MD
Vicki Sharp
James C. Shay
Concetta M. Shay
Lindsey Luman Shepley
Ben Shepley
John A. Shobe
Mary Kaye Shobe
Kristin M. Shore
Sean Shore
M. Marlys Shulda
Brian K. Shulda
Richard L. Sias
Adam T. Sikes
Mandy Sikes
Ron Simpson
Mary Jane Simpson
Thad Sims
Ellie Sims
Gayle A. Sims
Alan E. Sims
Fredrick D. Smith
Lisa Smith
Laine M. Smith
Carl W. Smith
Gregory A. Smith
Sandra J. Smith
Perry M. Smith, MD
Krista Schmidt Smith
Russell D. Smith
Martha C. Smith
Portia Kibble Smith
Pack St. Clair
Jill St. Clair
Jeffrey B. Stanton
Sarah H. Stanton
Allyson L. Stanton
Stephanie J. Wittman
Brett D. Stauffer, MD
John H. Stauffer Sr.
Barbara E. Stauffer
Amy Hammer Steeples
Flint M. Steeples
Laura K. Stephens
Jon L. Stewart
Christi Stewart
Peter A. Stonefield
Anna E. Stonefield
Nancy Tade Stoppel
Larry D. Stoppel, OD, FAAO
Angela Riffey Storey
Daniel W. Storey
Jeffrey Lyle Stowell, JD
Carol A. Stowell
Mary M. Strange
Robert Raymond Strange
Jay B. Strayer
Kay A. Strayer
A. Mark Stremel
Toni P. Stremel
Phyllis Struble
Daniel J. Suiter, MD
Marcia G. Suiter
Robert E. Sutton, MD
Darrell D. Swank
Julie D. Swank
Donald C. Swartz
Nancy L. Swartz
Carole A. Swenson
Judith Pierson Talbott
Matthew J. Taranto
Kathy Taranto
Rick K. Taylor
Rodger D. Taylor
Linda Taylor
Robert D. Taylor
Kathleen A. Taylor
William B. Taylor
Marilyn K. Taylor
Allison Arbuckle Taylor
Matthew C. Taylor
Beth Greathouse Tedrow
John C. Thomas
Becky VanWyhe Thomas
R. Wayne Thompson, DDS
Joyce Neaderhiser Thompson
Matthew R. Thompson
Jennifer Poecker Thompson
Michelle L. Thornbrugh
John Gamble III, MD
Kristen V. Toner
Ryan M. Toner
Brian T. Torres
Janel D. Torres
Mandi Conyers Trotter
Tucker D. Trotter
Joyce McKoon Trower
James A. Trower
Melanie L. Trump
Timothy T. Trump
Lisa Evans Tuchtan
Kenneth M. Tuchtan
Jason A. Tyrer
Joy Tyrer
Jeffrey R. Van Blarcom, MD
Elizabeth Guenzel
Mark A. Van Blaricum
Jackie DeSouza Van Blaricum
Brenda J. Vann
Duane W. Vann
Lloyd R. Vaughan
Melody Link
Mary F. Ventura, EdD
Randy L. Sedlacek
Stanley E. Vermillion, MD
Pam Vermillion
Joseph L. Walden, EdD
Kay Walden
Benjamin R. Walker
Hilary Huber Walker
William L. Walker, MD
Judi Golden Walker
Thomas J. Walsh
Teresa Keith Walsh
James R. Walters
Mia Walters
Thomas S. Ward
Debbie B. Ward
Donna Multer Ward
John V. Ward
The Hon. Michael E. Ward
Lissa Leonard Ward
Milton O. Wardeh
Carole A. Wardeh
Christopher A. Warren
Jennifer Beery Warren
Myrl R. Wear
Carolyn J. Wear
David O. Weaver
Barbara A. Weaver
Jeffery B. Weinberg
Mary Haynes Weinberg
Rob J. Werling
Courtney Keating Werling
James R. Whiddon, MD
Lewis H. Wiens
Susan F. Wiens
Kevin M. Wilkerson
Deborah L. Wilkerson
Mark Wilkerson
Lisa C. Wilkerson
Brandon T. Williams
Sarah E. Williams
Elizabeth Hartley Winetroub
Gordon E. Wood
Christine Lytle Wood
Ryan A.T. Workman
Rick J. Worner
Lorie Walker Worner
Peggy Stone Yockey
Dennis W. Yockey
Gregory S. Young
James B. Young, MD
Kathryn C. Lavelle
David S. Zamierowski, MD
Marilyn Moffitt Zamierowski, PhD
R. David Zehring, MD
Peggy J. Zehring
Ashley Woolsey Zeller
Kyle Zeller
Scott A. Zerger