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alumni profiles
BY Chris Lazzarino
In his 20-plus years with Major League Baseball, Jim Small has helped introduce the sport in Asia, Europe and South America.
BY Steven Hill
Charissa Miijessepe-Wilson supports historic coalition of tribes that oversees Bears Ears National Monument.
BY MeLinda Schnyder
Sav Rodgers teams with Kevin Smith, KU connections to explore LGBTQ experience.
BY Steven Hill
With repair shop and hands-on museum dedicated to world’s first action figure, Neil Vitale is rejuvenating one of America’s great toy stories.
BY Chris Lazzarino
Chasing her Olympic goal, KU alumna Meryl Swidler gets a kick out of proving doubters wrong.
BY Megan Hirt
Dual passions are the foundation of KU alumna Hannah Lasorsa’s business, Herbal Content Cottage.
BY Chris Lazzarino
Myltin Bighorn savored the chance to learn—and teach—during an internship with the Kansas City Chiefs.
BY Steven Hill
Diverging views of the past lie at the heart of current conflict in his adopted homeland, says history student Brendan Gallagher.
BY Jennifer Jackson Sanner
As his companies celebrate 75 years, Steve Martens credits KU for his education and the opportunities to build solid business relationships.
BY Michael Pearce
Chris Rogala recounts his volunteer work near the Polish-Ukraine border and discusses his continued mission to offer help and promote awareness.