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BY Chris Lazzarino
Rare garment begins yet another charming chapter in Watkins’ story.
BY Kara Lynch
A neighborhood tells larger story of civil rights struggle.
BY Chris Lazzarino
New biography brings to life the remarkable Elizabeth Watkins, a pioneering KU philanthropist.
BY Chris Lazzarino
New book offers a comprehensive look at the Jayhawk and the beloved bird’s place in Kansas and KU history.
BY Eric Thomas
On April 27, 2009, the budding megastar made a stop—and quite a splash—at KU.
BY Chris Lazzarino
Amateur historian writes definitive account of singular American figure.
BY Steven Hill
A letter from KU student Don Henry, who died in the Spanish Civil War, inspired the plot and lyrics of an innovative opera by alumnus Frank Nawrot.
BY Jennifer Jackson Sanner
Discover the humble history of our hundred-year-old ’Hawk.
BY Chris Lazzarino
Five years after the removal of its crumbling grotesques, Dyche Hall is once again topped with its legendary limestone menagerie.
BY Megan Hirt
A Kansas Army wife’s keepsakes recount her trailblazing advocacy, war’s impact on the homefront.