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In Memory


Alice Leonard, c’37, g’39, Lawrence, 106, July 14. Alice was a jewelry maker, painter and a regular at the American Legion on Thursday nights to dance to the Junkyard Jazz band. She was preceded in death by her husband, A. Byron, g’33, PhD’37.



Virgil Ray Alderson, c’48, b’50, Leawood, 97, May 26. Ray served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He spent his career in the trucking industry, retiring in 1983 as executive vice president of Yellow Freight Lines. His wife, Mary Lyth Alderson, d’46, preceded him in death.

Wilfred “Bill” Bell, b’49, Blue Springs, Missouri, 99, Feb. 9. Bill served in the U.S. Army. He worked for 24 years at an insurance investigation company and later at the Social Security Administration in Kansas City.

Mary Ann Deckert Berthelson, ’44, Peoria, Arizona, 100, June 24.

Patricia Allen Dreizler, ’49, Redondo Beach, California, 95, June 5. Patricia worked for the city of Redondo Beach for over 30 years. As director of community resources, she was the city’s first female department head and led more than 35 nonprofits. A high school in Redondo Beach is named for her.

Nina Green Kanaga, c’48, Shawnee, 94, May 4. A former KU Homecoming queen, Nina worked in the education department at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. She was preceded in death by her husband, Clinton, c’42.

Alice Ann Jones Stephenson, c’41, Portland, Oregon, 102, June 11. Alice Ann was a talented seamstress and an avid traveler, camper and hiker. She was preceded in death by her husband, Wayland, c’40, m’42.



Ceasar Albert, c’59, Walnut Creek, California, 83, Aug. 3, 2021. Ceasar served in the U.S. Navy. He taught high school math in Monterey Park and San Jose, California, and later worked as a computer programmer for AT&T.

Thomas Doughty, e’52, Lakewood, Colorado, 91, Jan. 17. Tom, a U.S. Army veteran, spent his career working for Phillips Petroleum. He was preceded in death by his wife, Barbara.

Bill Gillen, m’54, Lenexa, 93, May 3. Bill served as a medical officer in the U.S. Navy. He was an anesthesiologist in Kansas City and spent his last 17 years of practice at Bethany Medical Center. Bill is survived by his wife of 63 years, Jo.

Morris Kay, d’54, Lawrence, 89, May 15. Morris played football at KU, captaining the 1953 team. He served in the Kansas House of Representatives and was later a regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency. Morris is survived by his wife, Sandra Gresham Kay, c’66, d’69, g’86.

Sharon Lynch Kimbell, d’58, Hutchinson, 86, June 2. Sharon and her late husband, Charles, b’54, gave generously to the Lied Center, KU football and the Hutchinson community.

Jan Newman McAninch, ’56, Prairie Village, 87, Nov. 30, 2021. Jan began the Patricia Stevens Modeling Agency in Wichita in the late 1950s. She was a first-grade teacher and later worked as a travel agent.

Robert Orr, b’51, Dallas, 91, April 24. During his 38-year career in the computer industry, Bob worked at UNIVAC, Intel, NEC America and several startup software companies. He is survived by his wife of 66 years, Karen Hall Orr, ’53.

Connie Engle Perkins, d’57, Olathe, 88, May 20. Connie established the first art education curriculum for the Olathe school system and taught for 12 years. She is survived by her husband, Sam, b’53. The Spencer Museum of Art named its Sam and Connie Perkins Central Court in recognition of the couple’s support.

Darlene Clark Purkhiser, c’53, Vero Beach, Florida, 90, June 28. Darlene founded the roofing contracting company J & D Roofing in Vero Beach with her late husband, James. They managed the business for over 30 years.

David Raab, c’52, m’55, Edina, Minnesota, 91, April 27. David was chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital and chief of the cardiovascular and thoracic department at Methodist Hospital, both in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area. He is survived by his wife of 68 years, Peggy.

Frank Shrimplin, p’50, Valley Falls, 94, May 3. A U.S. Navy veteran, Frank owned and operated Frank’s Pharmacy in Valley Falls for 34 years. His wife, Edith, preceded him in death.

Donald Simpson, c’51, Saratoga, California, 95, April 19.

Mary Fran Poe Smith, d’56, g’59, Port Angeles, Washington, 87, Sept. 12, 2021. She taught Spanish/English bilingual education for 41 years to students ranging from preschool- to college-age. Her husband, Max, preceded her in death.

Byron Springer, c’54, l’60, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, 89, June 22. Byron, a U.S. Army veteran, practiced law with the firm Barber, Emerson, Six, Springer and Zinn in Lawrence for 44 years. He also served as president of the Kansas Bar Foundation. Byron is survived by his wife, Marion Peltier Springer, c’57.

Robert Stottle Sr., e’56, Huntsville, Alabama, 91, May 22. Bob, a U.S. Marine veteran, founded the company Thermal Corp. in 1969. He was preceded in death by his wife, Jean.

John Towner, d’54, g’61, Lawrence, 94, May 7. John taught instrumental music in the Shawnee Mission School District. He conducted the New Horizons Band in Lawrence for 17 years and played in the KU Alumni Band until age 92.

Jo White Ungles, n’52, Satanta, 91, May 30. Jo worked at Satanta District Hospital for over 40 years. She was preceded in death by her husband, James.

Gail Cordes Vachon, c’59, Billings, Montana, 83, Sept. 3, 2021. Gail worked in the nuclear industry for most of her career. After retiring, she taught English in Slovakia and worked as a travel agent. She was preceded in death by her husband, Duane.

Martha Taylor Williams, c’54, Topeka, 90, May 5. Martha was a schoolteacher, director at residential facilities and an administrator at Forbes Air Force Base. She was preceded in death by her husband, Alfred.

Anthony Witt Jr., b’53, Russell, 90, Oct. 21, 2021. Tony, a U.S. Army veteran, worked as a farmer on his family’s farm in Russell and as an operator and investor in the oil and gas industry.

W. Joel Wurster, m’56, Parkville, Missouri, 91, April 29. Joel was an otolaryngologist and served as a surgeon in the U.S. Air Force. For most of his career, he practiced at St. Luke’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Kansas City. Joel’s wife of 66 years, Patricia, preceded him in death.



David Baumgartner, a’69, St. Louis, 77, May 11. David worked as an architect in the St. Louis area for over 40 years. His wife, Rosalie, preceded him in death.

Carl Butell, c’65, Baldwin City, 81, April 28. Carl worked at Baldwin State Bank his entire career, beginning as a teller and serving as president from 1986 until his retirement in 2008.

Robert Casteel, d’60, Clarkston, Michigan, 83, Oct. 31, 2021. Bob, a former Jayhawk quarterback, was a teacher and coach in Michigan for 35 years. He is survived by his wife, Julia Cooper Casteel, ’61.

Raelene Mai Dietz, ’62, Lenexa, 81, June 3. Raelene owned multiple Hallmark stores and was president of the American Management Association. She later worked at the nonprofit Unbound. Raelene is survived by her husband of over 60 years, Gayle, b’62.

Francis Drake II, e’65, Park Ridge, Illinois, 80, June 3. Frank served in the U.S. Air Force and was honored with the Distinguished Flying Cross, the nation’s highest award for aerial achievement. He was a pilot for Delta Airlines for 30 years. Frank is survived by his wife, Sandee.

Mary Anne Marshall Fisher, ’64, Lake Quivira, 79, June 21. Mary Anne was a teacher, substitute teacher and librarian in the Shawnee Mission School District. She is survived by her husband of 59 years, Charles, b’62.

Lawrence Greim, p’65, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, 80, June 2. Larry began his 53-year career working at his father’s drugstore and later owned Brown’s Prescription Drugs in Excelsior Springs. He is survived by his wife, Cheryl Walsh.

Warren Haskin II, j’61, Manchaca, Texas, 82, Feb. 2. He is survived by his wife, Sherry.

John Heil, d’66, Liberty, Missouri, 79, April 18. John worked as a trainer and purchasing agent for McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis. He is survived by his wife of over 53 years, Karen, d’69.

John Hondros, j’66, New Albany, Ohio, 78, May 28. An entrepreneur, John founded several companies, including Hondros College and Verdant Creations. He also developed commercial real estate. He is survived by his wife, Linda.

Gene La Follette, c’65, Alameda, California, 78, April 15. Gene served in the U.S. Army. He was an attorney and opened his own law office in Alameda in 1999. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn.

Phillip Loncar, b’60, Plano, Texas, 83, May 11. Phil spent his career in chemical sales with Univar Solutions. He is survived by his wife of 63 years, Susan Ulrich Loncar, d’77.

Sidney Micek, d’65, g’65, Champaign, Illinois, 79, July 14. Sidney was a faculty member and administrator at Syracuse University and later served as president of the University of Illinois Foundation. His wife, Denise Edgar Micek, d’65, preceded him in death.

Sondra Anderson Pence, c’63, Lawrence, 81, April 29. Sondra was a school psychologist for Lawrence Public Schools for over 20 years and oversaw the Lawrence Learning Resource Center.

Carol Ann Ryser, m’63, Mission Hills, 84, April 14. Throughout her medical career, Carol worked in pediatrics, with victims of abuse, and with patients with debilitating diseases. She is survived by her husband, Michael.

Donna Lamb Simmons, d’60, g’64, Camarillo, California, 82, July 10, 2021.

Rick Snodgrass, a’68, 
Tucson, Arizona, 78, April 7.

Forrest Alan Stamper, c’64, Tonto Verde, Arizona, 78, 
Jan. 8. Al worked at Lincoln National Life for nearly 20 years and later started the company Drug Card Inc. He is survived by his wife, Phyllis.

Andrea Speer Tatlock, c’67, Appleton, Wisconsin, 77, May 13. Andrea was a math and science teacher and volunteered at several community organizations in Appleton. She is survived by her husband of 52 years, Tom, c’64, m’74.

Gary Williamson, a’63, Los Angeles, 82, May 14. Gary was a U.S. Air Force captain. His architectural work included churches, restaurants, military bases and the redesign of outdoor spaces in downtown Los Angeles. He is survived by his wife, Erika, ’62.

Richard Young, g’64, Marion, Massachusetts, 82, June 5. Rich served in the U.S. Army. His 40-plus-year career in the finance industry included 16 years as president and chief investment officer at Welch & Forbes LLC. Rich is survived by his wife, Doris.



Rebecca Balding, c’70, Park City, Utah, 73, July 18. Rebecca was an actress best known for her roles on the TV shows “Soap” and “Charmed.” She is survived by her husband, James Conway.

Mala Nelson Barnes, j’78, Kansas City, 65, June 2. Mala was retired from The Hershey Co., where she worked for 38 years.

Audrey Bradley, c’70, Cameron Park, California, 97, April 18. An England native, Audrey worked as an X-ray technician during World War II. She later managed the office at the Wichita law firm of her husband, Aubrey, c’47, l’49, who preceded her in death.

Kurt Burger, ’78, Olathe, 64, April 28. He worked in human resources management. He is survived by his wife of 42 years, Karen Arnold-Burger, c’79, l’82.

Dan Conyers, c’72, h’77, Shawnee, 71, June 9. Dan was a respiratory therapist and worked in The University of Kansas Health System for 40 years, 12 as director of the respiratory therapy department. He also served as an adjunct assistant professor. He is survived by his wife of 36 years, Karen Kraft Conyers, h’81, h’82.

J. Robert Kent, g’74, g’76, PhD’84, Lawrence, 81, July 4. Bob was an adjunct researcher in the special education and American studies departments at KU and taught courses in American history and political science. He was a firefighter with Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical for 20 years. Bob is survived by his wife, Kay Jones Kent, n’66.

Gerald Koellsted, c’70, Auburn, Alabama, 83, July 9. An avid pilot, Gerald was involved with the Civil Air Patrol for 34 years. He spent most of his career as a public health environmentalist at the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Richard Lynch, b’74, l’76, Des Moines, Iowa, 70, March 11. Richard worked as a tax attorney and was active in several local organizations. He is survived by his wife of 48 years, Nancy Curnes Lynch, s’74, g’76.

Richard MacArthur, m’73, Kansas City, 75, May 25. Rick and his wife established an open-heart surgery program at Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene, Texas. He later worked at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare and was a faculty member at Florida State University. Rick is survived by his wife, Barbara Gill MacArthur, g’81.

Mary Rieg, c’72, Oklahoma City, 71, March 28.

Scott Sidesinger, c’76, Platte City, Missouri, 69, Feb. 13. Scott worked in title insurance at Chicago Title and Thompson Title. He is survived by his wife, Traci.

Swede Swenson, g’76, Topeka, 94, Jan. 16. Swede, a U.S. Marine veteran, was a teacher and coach and later served as assistant director of the Kansas Medical Society. He worked as an auditor at the Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner for over 20 years.

Mary Tuven, g’70, Lawrence, 83, July 19. Mary played viola in the Kansas City Symphony for many years. She was preceded in death by her husband of over 50 years, Charles Hoag.

Jane Warren, g’74, PhD’76, g’83, Lawrence, 73, May 19. A clinical psychologist, Jane provided mental health services to children and adults through her private practice. She is survived by 
her husband, Dan, c’73, g’79.

Max Wells, c’71, m’76, Austin, Texas, 71, July 25. Max was a surgical pathologist and practiced for 22 years. He is survived by his wife, Gayle Hahn Wells, ’70.



Marcy Fevurly Bray, d’82, Lawrence, 61, May 3. Marcy worked at The Merc Co+op and was active in the “Growing Food Growing Health” community garden.

Thomas Talkington, e’84, Lake Lotawana, Missouri, 59, Nov. 30, 2021.



Heidi Karn Barker, c’06, Lawrence, 38, May 8. Heidi began working at KU in 2005. She was most recently a functional systems analyst for Student Information Systems. She is survived by her husband, Bradley, c’06.

Tyler Schmidt, ’04, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 42, July 22. Tyler worked for TreviPay for over 18 years. He and his wife, Sarah, g’16, and their daughter, Lula, were murdered while camping in Maquoketa, Iowa. Tyler is survived by his son, Arlo.



Regan Gibbs, c’19, Lawrence, 25, May 16. Regan was a former goalkeeper for the KU women’s soccer team.

Sarah Schmidt, g’16, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 42, July 22. Sarah worked at KU’s Monarch Watch program and later at the Cedar Falls Public Library. She and her husband, Tyler, ’04, and their daughter, Lula, were murdered while camping in Maquoketa, Iowa. Sarah is survived by her son, Arlo.


University community

Kim Bohmann, Lawrence, 62, June 3. Kim was an administrative associate for the department of theatre & dance, where she worked since 2007. She began her career at KU in 2001 at Watkins Health Services.

John Haslam, Lawrence, 83, July 8. John came to KU in 1968 as assistant professor of chemistry. He was later a research professor at the Higuchi Biosciences Center and, most recently, a research professor for the Biopharmaceutical Innovation & Optimization Center. Throughout his career, John was granted 12 patents. He is survived by his wife, Gale, g’86.

David Jarmolowicz, Lawrence, 45, May 22. Dave joined the department of applied behavioral science in 2012 as an assistant professor. He became an associate professor in 2018 and was director of the Center for Applied Neuroeconomics. Dave is survived by his wife, Allison Tetreault.

James Long, Lawrence, 78, July 27. Jim worked in higher education for 33 years. He was director of the Kansas and Burge unions; associate vice chancellor for student affairs; vice provost for 
facilities, planning and management; and director for outreach development. He is survived by his wife, Larissa.

George McCleary Jr., Lawrence, 85, June 26. George, a U.S. Navy veteran, was a longtime associate professor of geography. He is survived by his wife of over 60 years, Marilyn, g’83.

Paul Mostert, Lexington, Kentucky, 94, May 6. Paul served in the Navy during World War II and was a professor of mathematics. He was a pioneer in the study of the biomechanics in racehorses, developing software programs that led to the breeding of two Kentucky Derby winners.

Max Sutton, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 85, July 14. Max was professor emeritus of English. In 1993, he received the H. Bernerd Fink Award for Excellence in Teaching. After his retirement in 2004, he published two books of poetry. Max is survived by his wife, Claire.



Jamie Coulter, assoc., Wichita, 81, June 24. Jamie worked in the restaurant business for 46 years. He was CEO of Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon Inc. and developed and operated Pizza Hut restaurants in several states. He is survived by his wife, Kimberly.

Faye Olmsted Jones, assoc., Lawrence, 103, April 22.



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