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Kansas Alumni’s featured photography, 2022

Favorite views and moments from Mount Oread.


Big crowds and big games call for a big banner: Supersized and flown with pride, the game day flag rallied Jayhawks before the Sept. 24 matchup with Duke. Photograph by Andy White / Issue 4, 2022


Fine fall days drew students and teachers outside, where Mount Oread’s groves and glens welcomed all to nature’s classroom. Photograph by Andy White / Issue 4, 2022


Sculptor Karl Ramberg (light shirt) and Restoration and Waterproofing contractors Steven Balser (yellow shirt) and Brock Howard (dark shirt) on Aug. 4 installed the fourth of eight grotesques—an ape—atop Dyche Hall. “This is the end of the most wonderful project a person could ever hope for,” Ramberg, ’82, mused Aug. 5 on Facebook, while also praising School of Architecture & Design collaborators Keith, a’04, and Amy Peterson Van de Riet, a’03, and, most especially, his sister, sculptor Laura Ramberg, f’81: “Be sure that it is fully understood the sculptor of these carvings is Laura.” Next time you stroll Jayhawk Boulevard, don’t forget to look up; the guardians are watching. Photographs by Steve Puppe / Issue 3, 2022


A gradual goodbye: Oliver Hall on July 7, amid its slowdismantling. Unlike McCollum Hall, leveled in swift, spectacular fashion in 2015, Oliver’s exit was decidedly more piecemeal. Throughout the summer, an excavator claw pulled down portions of the 56-year-old residence hall at 19th Street and Naismith Drive. The demolition progressed from the north, and the last section of yellow brick—the south stairwell—fell in mid-August. Photograph by Dan Storey / Issue 3, 2022


Carolyn Pyle Mathis, d’72, and Kelly Mathis, p’70, McPherson, were among the 1970 and ’72 graduates who finally walked down the Hill May 15, a half-century after rain canceled their walks. “We were so surprised and pleased with the reception and many congratulations, happy faces and smiles from others experiencing their Commencement for the first time,” Carolyn says “It was a super day, and one that we will always treasure.” Photograph by Steve Puppe / Issue 2, 2022


April 2, 2022: Penultimate party. Photograph by Steve Puppe / Issue 2, 2022


The first and funnest KU tradition: sledding down the Hill with dad in futile pursuit. You go, baby Jay! Photograph by Steve Puppe / Issue 1, 2022


Rivalry renewed, Dec. 11, 2021, Allen Field House: KU 102, Mizzou 65. ’Nuff said. Photograph by Steve Puppe / Issue 1, 2022

Issue 4, 2022


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