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Issue 1, 1996

Table of Contents

20 Jump at the Sun

28 Radio Days

30 No Seafaring Tale

3 First Word
The editor's turn

4 Lift the Chorus
Letters from readers

6 On the Boulevard
A calendar of cultural, academic and athletic events

8 Jayhawk Walk
The Retro Cocktail Hour, a faux French Legionnaire and more

10 Hilltopics
News and notes from Mount Oread, including a tribute to a Jayhawk filmmaker and Ed Meyen's resignation

15 Explore
Roger Martin phones home to KU hotlines

16 Sports
Men's and women's hoops, plus briefs on tennis, swimming, football and rowing

36 Association News
The Rock Chalk Ball rocks the house

40 Class Notes
Profiles of a scientist, a basketball coach and three South American TV executives

52 In Memory
Deaths in the KU family

54 Schoolwork
News from academe

60 Hail to Old KU
A colorful centennial