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Issue 2, 1999

Table of Contents

20 Wasted Youth?

26 Old Bones to Pick

30 A Real Go-Getter

3 First Word
The editor's turn

4 Lift the Chorus
Letters from readers

6 On the Boulevard
Schedules of KU events

8 Jayhawk Walk
World War II patriot, pop art and more

10 Hilltopics
News and notes, including Sandy Mason's retirement, budget battles and more

14 Oread Reader
Jim Carothers checks Wil Linkugel's lineup card

15 Oread Writer
Judith Galas on belated help for the Hill's writers

16 Sports
Women's and men's hoops coverage and more

34 Association Calendar
The latest on Learned Club, chapter and KHP events

36 Association News
Rock Chalk Ball wrap-up, John Sanders' farewell and more

39 Class Notes
Profiles of McDonald's marketer, world traveler and unique writer

52 In Memory
Deaths in the KU family

54 Schoolwork
News from academe

60 Hail to Old KU
Happy 100th birthday, Stauffer-Flint