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Issue 2, 2017

Table of Contents

22 Domain Defenders

30 Fortissimo Fan Fare

38 Strong Start

2 Lift the Chorus
Letters from our readers

5 First Word
The editor's turn

6 On the Boulevard
KU & Alumni Association events

8 Jayhawk Walk
Football foolery, our not-so-nutty neighbors, a rodeo writer and more

10 Hilltopics
News and notes: Union redo awaits student vote; researcher says we really don't know clouds at all.

16 Sports
Player-of-the-year candidate Mason leads basketball into March; vault champ gets back on track.

44 Association News
Network reboot encourages alumni participation; student alumni engage.

48 Class Notes
Profiles of a tiny home enthusiast, a White House insider, an Elkhart theatre owner and more

68 In Memory
Deaths in the KU family

72 Rock Chalk Review
Professor takes constructive approach to habitat rehab; student design wins aeronautical prize.

76 Glorious to View
Scene on campus