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Issue 4, 1998

Table of Contents

16 Lest We Forget

24 Flower Power

30 Book Value

3 First Word
The editor's turn

4 Lift the Chorus
Letters from readers

6 Jayhawk Walk
Broken glass, tulips, pin-up girls and more

8 Hilltopics
News and notes, including NSF fellows, Carl Bernstein and more

11 Oread Reader
Mark Luce tees it up

12 Oread Writer
Katherine Dansdale attens her first KU Commencement

14 Sports
Candy Mason's medal-winning heptathlon

34 Association News
Alumni Weekend

37 Association Calendar
The latest on Learned Club and chapter events

38 Class Notes
Profiles of a parachuting grandma, a surfing doctor and more

52 In Memory
Deaths in the KU family

54 Schoolwork
News from academe

60 Hail to Old KU
Gifts that keep giving