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Issue 6, 2005

Table of Contents

22 Where Town Meets Gown

30 True Collector

34 The Plainsmen

2 Lift the Chorus
Letters from readers

4 On the Boulevard
KU & Alumni Association events

7 First Word
The editor's turn

8 Jayhawk Walk
A full-moon folly, a comics composition, an uphill journey and more

10 Hilltopics
News and notes: Lech Walesa claims Dole Leadership Prize; enrollment sets records again

16 Sports
Football team vanquished Nebraska after 37 years; Self hoops freshmen grow up fast

38 Association News
Millie Award recognizes outstanding volunteers

42 Class Notes
Profiles of a NASA critic, a trout angler, a Ford spokeswoman and more

60 In Memory
Deaths in the KU family

64 Rock Chalk Review
Amphibian art lights up Hall Center; student brings Burroughs footage to DVD

68 Oread Encore
Homecoming highlights