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Issue 6, 2006

Table of Contents

22 Little Chapel on the Hill

30 The Networker

32 The Big Pictures

2 Lift the Chorus
Letters from readers

4 On the Boulevard
KU & Alumni Association events

7 First Word
The editor's turn

8 Jayhawk Walk
Pluto de-planetized, new Jayhawk unveiled, Joe’s has hot doughnuts now, and more

10 Hilltopics
News and notes: Mulally steers Ford turnaround; campus expands wireless web.

16 Sports
Basketball: Men start season at No. 3 and women welcome top-20 recruiting class

40 Association News
“Millie” winners honored for service

44 Class Notes
Profiles of a roller derby queen, a small-town doctor, a first-time filmmaker and more

68 In Memory
Deaths in the KU family

72 Rock Chalk Review
Greek epics on audio, cowboy culture, Native American games and more

76 Oread Encore
Good for what ails you