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Road to Recovery
BY Jen Humphrey
The Cofrin Logan Center is advancing addiction science to help people find new ways to live
How Lucky We Have It
Fourth NCAA championship ignites memorable hoops hysteria
Happy Campers
Saying yes to adventure, a Jayhawk couple make the most of their passion for parks
Pay it Forward
BY Heather Biele
Wichita Jayhawks help local high school students reach their full potential
The Odyssey
BY Chris Lazzarino
An unlikely patron’s generosity allows Rolfe Mandel and students to search for the first people of the central Plains
You Got This, Gary
BY Chris Lazzarino
Gary Woodland reaches pinnacle of golf success: a U.S. Open victory at famed Pebble Beach
The Messenger
BY Steven Hill
Scholar, adventurer, entrepreneur Len Necefer uses old ways and new to persuade world that wildlands are worth saving
The Art of Science (and Vice Versa)
BY Chris Lazzarino
Intersections of truth and beauty inspire Spencer Museum’s research initiatives and sprawling exhibition
Present Perfect
BY Robert Day
The past seems to be speaking in present tense
The End
BY Steven Hill
Preparing for your death can bring peace now and later, says longtime chaplain

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