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First Glance

Dyche's guardians return

Sculptor Karl Ramberg (light shirt) and Restoration and Waterproofing contractors Steven Balser (yellow shirt) and Brock Howard (dark shirt) on Aug. 4 installed the fourth of eight grotesques—an ape—atop Dyche Hall. “This is the end of the most wonderful project a person could ever hope for,” Ramberg, ’82, mused Aug. 5 on Facebook, while also praising School of Architecture & Design collaborators Keith, a’04, and Amy Peterson Van de Riet, a’03, and, most especially, his sister, sculptor Laura Ramberg, f’81: “Be sure that it is fully understood the sculptor of these carvings is Laura.” Watch for continuing coverage of the five-year enterprise to replace Dyche’s iconic grotesques in the next issue of Kansas Alumni. And next time you stroll Jayhawk Boulevard, don’t forget to look up; the guardians are watching.

Photographs by Steve Puppe