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Letters from our readers


Lots to like…

Admittedly, I usually flip through each issue, rarely reading any story in depth, but always checking Class Notes for updates and, sadly, obits of people I knew.

This issue, however, grabbed my interest with the compelling cover photo.

Lots to like…

I wrongly assumed that the two were professional colleagues involved with the leadership of the University.

To read the article and learn of the personal story of this married couple and their important professional work, along with the photos, was a joy.

Kudos to the graphic designer who chose to show the “then-and-now” photos of the couple. Seeing that was enough to get me to read the article.

The “More Than Meets the Eye” photo contest article was a visual treat. Growing up in Salina, I sometimes take for granted the beauty in the humble landscape and lives we lead.

Sadly, I know of two fellow KU alumni whose lives have been greatly lessened by the horrors of mental illness (schizophrenia).

When I got to the 1983 Class Notes, I was surprised to find myself and struck by the fact that I shared that I am simply “an artist.” That stood out from all the “loftier” achievements on the page­—those who are now CEO, CFO, president or chairperson.

Sure, my updates read more like the others through the years, as I achieved higher levels during my 29-year career with Hallmark, culminating in creative director.

Still, I think I may be more proud of my current status than any previous one.

Writing this after reading the current issue has me thinking about many memories from my days on the Hill and the people I have known. Isn’t that what the publication is all about? Well done, all. Well done.

–John Keeling, f’83
Kansas City

…Cover to cover

Thank you so much for the inspiring stories and photographs in the latest issue of Kansas Alumni. The articles really sparked my interest, and I read the magazine from cover to cover.

As a Kansan now living in Florida, the striking photography in the article “More Than Meets the Eye” by Steven Hill made me very nostalgic for my Midwestern roots.

In addition, “My Son’s Story” by Jerri Niebaum Clark introduced me to health care issues I had never been exposed to. Her bravery in giving us her family’s story was compelling, as is her continuing work in the mental health field.

It’s also great to know we have such brilliant KU doctors and researchers to be proud of as Barney Graham and Cynthia Turner-Graham. How wonderful to know that a Kansan was instrumental in creating the COVID-19 vaccine!

All in all, you and your staff did a fantastic job on this issue. I am already looking forward to the next one.

–Cynthia Bender, g’88
Trinity, Florida

"More Than Meets the Eye," issue No. 3, 2021


Issue 4, 2021


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