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BY Steven Hill
KU professor Beth Bailey’s Vietnam-era history shows that confronting conflict, rather than denying it, was key to Army’s progress on integration.
BY Steven Hill
What can millions of Swifties tell us about human community and pop culture? A KU sociology professor is finding out.
BY Chris Lazzarino
An expansive new textbook and a bold Spencer Museum acquisition expand KU’s modern art mastery.
BY Chris Lazzarino
KU archaeologist John Hoopes not in the mood to laugh off pseudoscience as cheeky fun.
BY Chuck Marsh
A retired KU professor prepares to return to the scene of linguistic crimes.
BY Nancy Snow
A KU philosophy professor on keeping a cool head amid incivility.
BY Rick Hellman
Design professor Barry Fitzgerald’s recent work featured in prestigious art publications.
BY Kay Hawes
Akinlolu Ojo’s research, service earn him election to medicine’s highest ranks.
KU help gives public library a vehicle to extend reach beyond downtown
BY Chris Lazzarino
KU alumnus and hand surgeon Matthew Drake shares his war experience with Ukrainian colleagues.