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issue 4, 2020
BY Steven Hill and Chris Lazzarino
The pandemic changed nearly every aspect of the University, yet affirms that KU is ultimately about people more than place
BY Brianna Mears
The Class of 2020’s Commencement procession was delayed, but a new graduate still finds reason to celebrate
BY Steven Hill
The sudden transition to online classes has been a learning experience for teachers, too
BY Staff
Global, national and local milestones during the COVID-19 outbreak
BY Chris Lazzarino
Oread neighborhood's 'love garage' tells bittersweet story
BY Staff
Downtown business share messages of support with love and humor
BY Heather Biele
KU Information Technology ensures swift transition to online learning, teaching and working
BY Jennifer Jackson Sanner
Anthony Fehr and his team have isolated a key element of SARS coronavirus 2. Now they seek to stop it...
BY Jennifer Jackson Sanner
Even amid restrictions, scholars pursue discoveries